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UK University Ransomeware Attacks

UK University Ransomeware Attacks

2020 has been the year for numerous UK schools, colleges and university’s to become victim of cyber attacks.

Accordingly to itgovernance.co.uk, Newcastle University was held random via malicious malware, that breached the university’s system including back up files.

The education sector holds large databases of students and staff, with a wide variety of data stored.  In September this year, Newcastle University become victim of a cyber attack which led the University to immediately put a stop to all exams taking place; and shut down is hotline for clearing (students wanting to attend the university via clearing).

In August, a ransomware attack took place on the education administrator ‘Blackbaud’, this attack exposed students telephone numbers, donation history and events attendance. This breach in question affected more than 12 University’s, with another 8 schools and colleges reporting separate ransomware infections in August 2020, according to itgovernance.co.uk.

A red scan report, conducted in July 2020 reviewed ‘The state of cyber security across UK universities’. It highlighted that 46% of university staff haven’t received training in the past year to combat data breaches.  The report outlined that universities spend on average £7,529 a year on educating their employees as a whole. The report highlighted a lack of investment in training for students, which again would safe guard the university campus collectively.

The lack of knowledge for data handling and low safe guarding measures is a concerning factor when you consider the mass amount of data the education sector will hold.  As cyber criminals become more advanced and sophisticated within their means, the less control our education sector has on sensitive data.

If you have been affected by a data breach within any of the above sectors, please get in touch today to proceed with a data breach claim.





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