Mis-Sold Investment Claims

Compensation For Mis-Sold Investment Claims In The UK

When you take professional advice regarding a possible financial investment, you hope to get it from someone with your interests in mind. Unfortunately, there have been numerous cases in the UK of both financial institutions and individual financial advisors that have mis-sold investments to clients, which has led to the potential for making mis-sold investment claims.
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The mis-selling of investment products in the UK is more prevalent than you might assume. People are increasingly investing in Self-Invested Personal Pensions (SIPPs), Investment bonds, Stocks and Share ISAs, as well as Personal Equity Plans as a way to invest for the future. Unfortunately, this has led to customers into investing in high-risk investments whose consequences can be devastating.
If you have taken out a financial investment, and have not been, advised of the risks.
Then it is likely that you can claim compensation for any financial loss that you may have incurred as a result.

What Are Mis-Sold Investment Claims?

If an investment was mis-sold to you, it means that you bought it after receiving either inaccurate or unsuitable advice. Perhaps the risks weren’t clearly explained to you or were not given the full information required to make an informed decision if an investment was mis-sold. The result is ending up with an unsuitable product for your needs.

Mis-selling as it happens in the financial industry can be done by independent financial advisors, brokers, bank representatives, or even other salespersons dealing in financial services or products. According to the Financial Conduct Authority, financial services should be sold to you in a transparent, fair, and non-misleading manner.

Professionals dealing with financial products and services are required to work in the best interests of their clients and advise them to buy something suitable for their needs. They are also obligated to explain correctly what such products can and cannot do. All risks should be described; otherwise, you can make a mis-sold investment claim and receive compensation.

Mis-Sold Investment Claims

Whether you have lost money or not, if you have been the victim of mis-selling, it is possible to make a claim. The same is however not valid if a legitimate investment performs poorly and you had been informed about the potential risks.

Here are some of the most common investments in the UK that could lead to mis-sold investment claims:

Storage Pods
Sustainable Energy
10-Year Bonds
Australian Farmland
Ethical Forestry
Development of ‘Holiday Hotspots’
Overseas Property Projects
Chinese Stock
CFD Trading
Carbon Credits
Preference Shares
Unquoted shares
Forex Trading

If you would like additional information on the nature of your specific investment as well as whether it would qualify for a claim, you can get in touch with Angelus Law today. Our team have a lot of experience in mis-sold investments as well as a range of other mis-sold investment advice scenarios and can advise you on what steps to take next.

Who Can Claim?

You could be eligible to claim compensation if:

You received bad investment advice. For instance, you were incorrectly advised about the options available to you or the information is given to you by a financial institution or financial advisor was unreliable, unsuitable, or negligent and had thus cost you financially.
Pressure sales encouraged you to invest your money into financial products and services that weren’t right for your circumstances and weren’t a match to your individual needs.
Your financial advisor invested your money in unregulated high-risk investments without your knowledge. For instance, your financial advisor encouraged you to invest in one of several high-risk unregulated investments.
You are financially worse off. For instance, if the value of your investment has fallen in spite of assurances and promises from your financial advisor that it would actually increase.
You didn’t have all the information you needed from the financial advisor to help you make a properly informed decision. If you had actually been better informed, you probably wouldn’t have followed the advice or gone ahead with the investment.
You weren’t advised about the tax implications of the investment. For instance, if you weren’t advised about increasing your tax liability by exceeding the tax-free threshold. You might even been told that it was possible to avoid tax.
You were promised guaranteed high returns that didn’t materialise, For instance, if the returns on your investment don’t actually correspond with the promises and assurances that your financial advisor made.
You were promised guaranteed high returns that didn’t materialise, For instance, if the returns on your investment don’t actually correspond with the promises and assurances that your financial advisor made.
You weren’t informed of the additional fees and costs. For instance, if you have been subject to additional unexplained fees and hidden costs attached to your investment since they weren’t fully explained to you and there was a general lack of transparency.

How Can You Help Me?

If you think that you have been mis-sold an investment or received bad advice regarding your investments from a financial advisor that has cost you financially, you could be entitled to compensation. You can get in touch with Angelus Law today so that we can help you make a quick, hassle-free claim for compensation. Our dedicated team of solicitors can help you with:

Filing your mis-sold investment claim.
All the procedures, paperwork, and issues that might arise, to avoid delays and ensure that your claim progresses smoothly and efficiently.
Making sure that no details are overlooked or errors made that could lead to the rejection of your claim. If for whatever reason you’re not happy with the company’s response to your complaint, call professional mis-sold solicitors.
Getting your compensation to you within the shortest time possible.

Why Choose Angelus Law

Here at Angelus Law, we take pride in our wealth of experience in the field of mis-sold pensions. We have helped many individuals throughout the UK to make mis-sold pension claims. Our vast knowledge and expertise make it possible for us to:

No Win No Fee
Hassle-Free Process
No Lengthy Paperwork to Complete
Claims Settled Quickly
Your Own Dedicated Claims Expert

If you have been a victim of investment mis-selling, you can trust Angelus Law to help you pursue compensation. Our team of solicitors will handle your claim from start to finish, and if successful, we aim to return money to you within the shortest time possible. Start the reclaiming process today by requesting a no-obligation free call back from out compensation solicitor by calling 0151 329 3660.

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