Mis-Sold SIPP Claims

Compensation For Mis-Sold SIPP Claims In The UK

The SIPP claims experts at Angelus Law can help you make a quick and hassle-free claim for compensation. We have a dedicated team of lawyers who are SIPP claims specialists. Our team of solicitors has extensive experience in claiming the maximum compensation for any investor who has financially suffered because of being a victim of SIPP mis-selling. Angelus Law is a firm of Solicitors who specialise in Mis-Sold SIPP Claims.Whether you are a dissatisfied SIPP investor or you have lost large amounts of money on SIPP investments, you have come to the right place. Do you think your SIPP (self-invested personal pension) was mis-sold to you? You may get compensation for SIPP claims under such circumstances.

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Our dedicated team of SIPP claim solicitors has built an enviable reputation and track record of success in helping investors to reclaim their lost money from underperforming or badly invested SIPPs. Cases of mis-sold SIPPs in the United Kingdom continue to increase as more and more investors realise they have been victims of bad or negligent advice. Even when your investment has lost some or all its value, the SIPP provider may still ask you to pay annual management fees. You will put in even more money to support the loss-making investment. If you are such an investor, get in touch with the qualified team at Angelus Law to see if you can claim compensation.

Signs Of Mis-Sold SIPPs

If one or more of the following factors apply to your situation, you have been mis-sold a SIPP.

Step 1.
Pressure Selling Tactics The adviser used pressure tactics to lure you into an investment that you didn’t want.
Step 2.
Lack Of Understanding Are you new to investing and couldn’t understand what the adviser told you?
Step 3.
Lack Of Transparency The adviser didn’t give you all the information about the fees attached to the investment.
Step 4.
Poor Advice The adviser told you to switch even when your current pension scheme was ideal for your current situation.
Step 5.
Advice On Avoiding Tax Did the adviser recommend a SIPP to avoid tax?
Step 6.
The Adviser Didn’t Explain The Risks The adviser didn’t give you a clear picture of the risks and negative implications of the investment.

Tip: Don’t pay for a firm to handle your mis-sold pension claim. You can get help from our team of professional solicitors who can work for you on a no-win, no fee basis.

What Are Mis-Sold SIPP Claims?

A Self Invested Personal Pension (SIPP) is a personal pension scheme approved by the UK Government. The UK government introduced this scheme in 1989 and millions of UK citizens have used a SIPP to further their pension benefits. The government created this scheme to allow seasoned investors to take more risks. This scheme is riskier than most of the other savings in the UK. That’s why the government didn’t recommend SIPPs to the public. Sadly, SIPPs were mis-sold to the public by unscrupulous elements. A great number of ordinary citizens in the country have lost their hard-earned savings.

Many financial advisers convinced ordinary savers to switch to a SIPP because they could earn high fees and commissions by doing so. Some advisers encouraged their clients to save in foreign countries. Savers have lost large amounts of money because of SIPP mis-selling. If you are one of these savers, the team of solicitors at Angelus Law could assist you to reclaim money owed to you because of a mis-sold SIPP. Our team can help UK residents reclaim the money they lost because of a mis-sold SIPP policy. We have helped hundreds of UK citizens receive compensation after they have received poor advice from unscrupulous financial advisers.

We Can Help You With Mis-Sold SIPP Claims!

Angelus Law uses a specialist team of solicitors who can assist you in making SIPP claims. We fight for the right of our clients and make sure they get the best representation at all times. You will receive the justice you deserve when you work with our experienced solicitors. When you work with our team, we will talk to your SIPP provider on your behalf. Our team will put forward the case and explain how you have been mis-sold.

We use some of the best SIPP claim lawyers in the United Kingdom. They have the right credentials and extensive experience in dealing with such cases in the past. We are sure you have the best chance of success when you work with us. When your SIPP provider doesn’t uphold the legitimate complaint, we may take your case to the Financial Ombudsman.

Who Can Claim?

There are different pension mis-selling that have taken place across the United Kingdom during the last few years.

You can claim for compensation for mis-sold SIPPs if:

You transferred a pension into a SIPP
A financial adviser persuaded you to take out a personal pension when you were in a lucrative company pension scheme
Have invested in non-standard assets such as storage pods, car park schemes, green oil, ethical forestry, overseas property, and more
An adviser pressurised you to take out a personal pension without letting you shop around for a better deal

How Can You Help Me?

It doesn’t matter how complicated your case may be, we won’t charge you for an unsuccessful claim. Our expert team works on a No Win, No Fee basis

Here is why choose us:

We have an experienced team of solicitors. Our team specialises in getting compensation for pension mis-selling. We will guarantee you a specialist service at every stage.
Hassle-free process. You don’t have to deal with lengthy forms because we do all the heavy lifting.

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