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Foxtons Estate Agency Data Breach

Foxtons Estate Agency Data Breach

It has been reported that Foxtons estate agency had informed their customers that they where upgrading their systems, when in fact a cyber attack had occurred which led them to lose customer and landlord contact details.

Due to this, the ‘My Portal’ aspect of Foxtons website, shut down for home sellers, renters and landlords. Sources from the agency advised that no sensitive data have been breached.

Foxtons confirmed that the data breach had been reported to the ICO (Information Commissions Office) and the National Cyber Crime Agency (NCCA), which leads customers, users and members of staff understanding that details have in fact been breached, but to what extent we are due to find out.

Victims are due to be notified of the breach and will be advised what credentials have been exposed in due course.

According to inews.co.uk in 2013, the group was forced to investigate whether hackers had stolen the details of almost 10,000 property hunters following an anonymous leak on a hacking website, therefore a reoccurrence of a similar issue is a concerning factor for the agency; and to those who put faith in the agency since then.

Cyber security is a large factor when withholding personal information. Hackers are continuously developing new ways to hack into systems, with businesses needing to update their security and safe guarding measures regularly to prevent misuse from occurring.

If you have been a victim of this breach in question, please contact us today so we can begin to assist you with a data breach claim.



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