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Student Visa Changes

Student Visa Changes

The Home Office have now released the new Statement of Changes to the Immigration Rules which confirms that from 5 October 2020, the Tier 4 visa will be removed and replaced with a new Student visa and Child Student visa.  Although the main elements of the Tier 4 system will remain in place, there are some changes to keep in mind.  As expected, EEA and Swiss nationals will, from 1 January 2021, have to apply for a Student visa if they wish to enter the UK to study.

Applicants will still need to provide a Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) from an approved provider.  However, it is now imperative that the CAS be issued before the date of the application or the application will be deemed to be invalid.

There will be more flexibility for those in country to switch to the Student route where previously this was not possible.  Those in the UK on visit visas, short term student visas or with no leave will still need to leave the UK prior to making an application though.  There will also be more flexibility for those applying outside the UK as they will now be able to apply up to 6 months prior to the start of their course.

For those already in the UK who are looking to extend their Student visa, they will no longer be required to evidence that they meet the financial requirement.  Any applications where a financial requirement is to be met will be able to rely on funds held in investment accounts, provided those funds can be accessed instantly.  Further, electronic bank statements will be acceptable.

If you require any assistance with making an application as a Student on or before 5 October 2020, please do get in touch with our team of UK immigration solicitors at immigration@angeluslaw.co.uk



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