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Angelus Law Solicitors provide Specialist Immigration help and advice in dealing with all Immigration matters. Our Specialist Immigration Solicitors have years of experience in Immigration Law and we provide accurate advice with satisfactory results, having years of experience of obtaining successful applications and appeals.
Over the years immigration Law has changed considerably with even greater changes to come. It requires a lot of research and training to stay up to date, to ensure we achieve your end goal. Here at Angelus Law we provide such dedication and the ability to provide high quality Immigration Law Services.

Leading Immigration Solicitors

Angelus Law Solicitors are thoroughly experienced in every aspect of UK Immigration Law. Our dedication to our clients means, all work we undertake, will be dealt with to the highest standard. Our forward thinking approach and determination, combined with our comprehensive knowledge of Home Office policies, UK and European Law means we can get the results you need.
We have vast experience in applying to remain in the UK, gain entry or reuniting you with your family here in the UK. Making an Immigration application, can be a stressful time and we are committed to providing a full review of all your immigration matters at whatever stage in the legal process your claim or appeal maybe at. We ensure that you or your family receive expert and detailed advice on your future options and support from the outset. We will deal with your immigration matters from start to finish, giving you peace of mind.

Areas of Immigration Services we can help with

Claims for asylum

In the UK, claims for asylum are eligible only if you fled your homeland in fear of being persecuted. This can be as a result of your religion, race, political affiliations, or nationality. The asylum procedure can be quite confusing and complicated, which is why consulting an immigration solicitor. They will make sure that your asylum claim is complete with all the supporting evidence with the Home Office on your behalf.

Appeals and judicial review

To challenge the decision of the Home Office successfully, one first needs to have an understanding of Immigration Appeals and judicial review in the UK. An immigration refusal can prove to be extremely stressful and worrying. An immigration expert can ascertain if you have the right to appeal and prepare your case before the Tribunal.

Human rights claims

UK law passed the Human Rights Act in 1998. Immigration solicitors use this in most applications they do, whether it’s a British citizen or foreigner. Human rights are rights and are for everybody, and in accordance with UK law, everyone ought to be treated equally. So if you feel that your rights have been infringed on, don’t hesitate to contact an immigration lawyer to defend your rights in the Home Office and UK court.

Applications for leave to enter or remain in the UK

Leave to enter refers to British immigration officers granting one permission to gain entry into the UK. This is intended for people who wish to remain in the UK for the foreseeable future. An immigration solicitor will make a well prepared and evidenced application that meets the Immigration rules and regulations that no Home Office can refute. Any person who wants to apply for the ILR is required to pass the ‘Life in the UK’ test.

Work Based Visas

Employment documents are essential if you want to work in the UK. An immigration lawyer can provide you with a thorough immigration service that is guaranteed to secure UK permits and Visas for both the employee and their families. They will work with the Home Office all step of the way to completion. This includes initiating the case, application, authorisation.


There are various ways one can become a British citizen. Some are born British, others registered as British, or one can naturalise as a British citizen. To apply as a British citizen, one will need to be over 18 years, pass the ‘Life in the UK’ Test, are of good character and have not broken any UK laws. An immigration solicitor can guide you through the requirements.

Deportation or removal

If you are found to be residing illegally in the UK, The Home Office can take administrative removal measures. This removal happens when you don’t have any leave to remain, or your application for asylum claim has been declined or expired Visa. Deportation is forceful removal intended for the public good. Either way, an immigration specialist can help you navigate the situation swiftly, given how time is of the essence in this case.

EEA applications and appeals

We can assist with an application for pre-settled or settled status or to bring non-EEA family members to the UK. Just like everything else in life, your application doesn’t have to go through. So if your claim is declined, talk to your immigration solicitor immediately to give you the best course of action about the appeals process.
For Family spouse & settlement visa; Business and sponsorship & Bail applications and appeals against deportation an immigration solicitor can assist with the murky legal waters.

Why Angelus Law?

We are a UK based Solicitors law firm and are authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority [SRA] therefore we are exempt from being regulated by the Immigration Service Commissioner [OISC]. There are many OISC registered advisers in the UK, however there are many areas of immigration Law these advisors cannot deal with before the courts such as Judicial Review claims. Angelus Law are a fully qualified and professional law firm and can take any type of complex immigration work.

If you require UK Immigration services and you want an expert to deal with your case, then contact us immediately. Our expert legal team will provide you with the best possible legal advice and guidance.

We provide a dedicated claims expert who will support you throughout the process. Angelus Law never leaves its clients midway through a case. If we commit to fighting your case, we will do it till the last day.
Our hassle-free process involves minimal paperwork, thus keeping you de-stressed.

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