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Recruitment Company Breaches Clients Data

Recruitment Company Breaches Clients Data

Miss S approached Angelus Law in June 2020 concerned about a breach of her data and private information by a recruitment company.

Miss S explained to Angelus Law that she had been contacted by the company after putting her CV on to an online recruitment board. Shortly thereafter, Miss S was offered a short-term starting position at a local department store. Miss S heard nothing further from the firm in the lead up to the start date for the position despite enquiring with them about aspects of the role and what she needed to wear.

Upon presenting herself for the role on her first day, the department store had no record of her starting there. Miss S was then approached by an employee of the store who asked Miss S if she’d been hired by the recruitment company, as she recognised Miss S from an e-mail she had received. Confused by this, Miss S was shown the e-mail by the employee and was astonished to see that the e-mail contained copies of her national insurance number, passport and driving licence, despite there being no job for her there. Miss S had not been notified of any data breach by the recruitment company.

Miss S became extremely concerned that her sensitive personal information could have been mistakenly leaked to other people without her knowledge. Miss S contacted the recruitment company who confirmed there had been a ‘mix up’ and said no other information had been leaked. The recruitment company tried to suggest further that there had been no data breach as the offending e-mail had been recalled (which it clearly had not).

Dissatisfied with this response and having lost out financial as a result of her coming off job seekers’ allowance in readiness for the department store job, Miss S approached Angelus to enquire about taking further action.

After investigating the matter and reviewing the offending e-mails which Miss S had retained, Angelus Law sent a detailed letter of claim to the recruitment company setting out the legal basis upon which it had clearly breached data protection legislation.

Following negotiations, Angelus Law was able to obtain an award of £1,500.00 in compensation for Miss S, together with a declaration from the company, confirmation that the offending e-mails had been fully deleted and her legal costs paid in full by the company.

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