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Former London employer exposes private information, resulting in £2,000 compensation

Former London employer exposes private information, resulting in £2,000 compensation

Mr G had requested details of the personal information held by his former employer in March of 2020 and this had been supplied to him via secure e-mail. The files included his personal information, a copy of his passport, his HR personnel file and detailed chat logs and e-mails in which he had discussed his work stress and mental health problems with trusted colleagues.  In April 2020 Mr G received an automated e-mail from his former employer to notify him that an unnamed ex-employee of the company had also been given access the secure files sent to him.

Mr G works in a niche London business community and so became extremely worried that his mental health problems would become public knowledge. Mr G also became increasingly anxious over the possibility of his financial details being leaked as he was targeted with a number of spam communications relating to investments following the breach of information. Mr G was conscious that once such information is in the public domain, it cannot be retrieved.

Mr G was eventually advised that the former employee of the company had deleted the information and advised to sign up to credit monitoring services, after which Mr G’s former employer closed their investigations.  Dissatisfied with this outcome and concerned over the potential for his leaked information to be used for nefarious purposes in the future, Mr G contacted Angelus Law in May 2020 in order to take further action against his former employers.

Angelus Law’s took the case on a ‘no win no fee’ basis and after taking a detailed statement from Mr G, sent early notification to his former employer setting out the legal case against them for failing to secure Mr G’s information, misuse of his private information and breach of confidence. After some negotiations, Angelus Law were able to secure a settlement of £2,000.00 in compensation for Mr G, together with a declaration from the firm to confirm that it would fully comply with the General Data Protection Regulation in relation to the information it retained on Mr G moving forward.

Angelus Law is now dealing with a number of cases relating to breach of GDPR/DPA, breach of privacy and misuse of private information by public authorities and private companies which have led to great distress to those clients involved.

These types of cases very often involve the need for remedies beyond simple compensation; for example, seeking an injunction to stop an individual or organisation from continuing to share personal data without authority, or, seeking a declaration or guarantee to ensure that any past instances of data leaking or misuse are not repeated.

This is a new area of law and we are working closely from the outset on all of our cases with leading, specialist barristers in order to ensure our clients have the best advice as these cases progress and the law in this area develops. If you have been affected by a breach of data or privacy, then please get in touch with us today here.


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