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Data Breach Win Of £1,000.00 For Car Warranty Data Protection Breach

Data Breach Win Of £1,000.00 For Car Warranty Data Protection Breach

Our client purchased a car from a car trader called BIG Motoring World (which is a trading name for Bapchild Motoring World Limited). When our client bought the car he opted for a 3 month free warranty and was provided with a warranty certificate for a company called Warranties 2000.

On the way home from picking this car up, our client noticed that the tyres were punctured, which come as a shock as BIG Motoring World claimed that there had been a 110 point check on the car prior to selling the vehicle to our client.

Our clients partner called BIG Motoring World with regards to the punctured tyre, the following day and complained which resulted in BIG Motoring World stating that they would contribute to the cost of repairing the tyres in question. Our client then took the vehicle to an independent garage to get the tyres repaired and paid for this repair out his own pocket, with the intention of recovering the cost in due course as previously confirmed.

Our client then suffered difficulties in attempting to recover the cost of the replacement tyres via Big Motoring World. Big Motoring World then referred the all correspondence emails from our client onto warranty companies to arrange for a refund to be made for tyre repairs.

Whilst our client was experiencing difficulties in obtaining payment for the replacement tyres,  he was also contacted by a company called Olympic Warranties via post about his warranty due to expire and a quote for a new warranty. Our client was unaware of the company Olympic Warranties and did not know how they had obtained his address and had only ever been informed about Warranties 2000. He then received emails from both Olympic Warranties and Warranties 2000 Which highlighted the breach initially.

Olympic Warranties and Warranties 2000 were registered at the same address but under different company numbers. The clients name and address had been provided to a warranty company unbeknown to them. Our client instructed us to act on his behalf in relation to the distribution of his data, which had been breached by Big Motoring World without the clients consent. The defendant agreed a £1,000.00 reward for our client as a result of the data breach committed.



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