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Millions of hotel guests have data leaked by booking platform

Millions of hotel guests have data leaked by booking platform

Expedia, Agoda, Booking.com and Hotels.com are amongst some of the huge booking sites said to be involved in a data breach incident affecting millions of customers both in the UK and worldwide.

Reports have emerged from Website Planet, an internet security group that exposes data hackers, that these major booking platforms all used cloud based reservation service, Prestige Software. They are said to have kept 7 years’ worth of personal details from hotel guests, including credit card details without any security protection in place.

This is a huge data breach and as a result of this, millions could be exposed to large scale data violations. Customer names, emails, billing addresses, bank details and ID documents are all said to have been exposed in the Prestige Software data leak.

Website Planet said: “With detailed information about a person’s hotel reservation, a hacker with access to the exposed files could take these details, contact the hotel, and change the dates and names on the reservation,’

‘They could then take over someone’s holiday without paying, or pose as a travel agent and sell the reservations to unsuspecting customers. They could, of course, do this more than once.’

If you, or someone you know suspect to have been involved in this data breach, please contact us directly today.





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