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Data breach at UK mattress brand, Dormeo

Data breach at UK mattress brand, Dormeo

Reports have emerged from Twitter that UK mattress brand, Dormeo, are the latest victims of a data breach incident, potentially exposing the personal details of their customers including bank details.

This comes after cyber security expert, Troy Hunt, tweeted a screenshot of an email Dormeo sent to their customers expressing concerns that they have been the ‘target of a criminal data theft involving the personal details of customers who have processed orders at dormeo.co.uk.’

The email read: “While we do not have conclusive evidence that the data was removed from our website, it could be possible that your personal data may have been compromised when (or shortly after) you made a purchase via our website.

“This could include your full name, billing address, email address and payment details. As a precaution we recommend you contact your bank and follow their advice.

“As soon as we became aware of the attack we took immediate steps to manage and respond to the incident. The breach has been resolved and our website is now working normally and securely. We are investigating how this breach has occurred and it has been reported to the necessary authorities.”

If you have more information on this cyber security incident involving Dormeo, or believe to have been a victim, please get in touch today.



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