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2020s most high profile data breaches

2020s most high profile data breaches

Have you been involved in one of 2020s highest profile data breaches?

2020 has seen a huge spike in data breaches from cyber criminals who are exploiting the Covid-19 pandemic. Below we’ve listed the 5 most high profile incidents of 2020.

The Zoom credentials hack

As the world went into lockdown in April, Zoom because a necessity for us all. It enabled us to keep in contact with friends, families and work colleges during a time of isolation. It is no surprise that this put Zoom in a prime spot for hackers.

More than 500,000 stolen Zoom passwords were reported to be available to buy from the Dark Web, concerning millions of users worldwide. The private credentials including usernames, passwords and emails were sold on for as little as 1p each. The real danger from this comes from the exposure of the meetings which might have taken place on the hacked accounts. Therefor victims of this data breach would likely be much higher than the number of accounts leaked.

Easy Jet data breach

UK based budget airline Easy Jet announced this year that cyber criminals had stolen data records from a massive 9 million customers. PGMBM filed a suit on behalf of the effected customers for £18.

EasyJet has not revealed any information as to how the databases had been hacked, except to say that the hacker appeared to be targeting the company’s intellectual property, as opposed to the personal data of its client.

Twitter Spear phishing attack

On July 15th of this year, a number of extremely high-profile individuals were targeted in a Twitter hacking scandal. A tweet was shared on the accounts of Barak Obama, Bill Gates, Elon Musk and Joe Biden and read “I’m giving back to the community. All bitcoin sent to the address the below will be sent back doubled! If you send £1000, I will send back £2000. Only doing this for 30 minutes.”

The tweets reached more than 350 million people and resulted in the recovery of £86,000 bitcoin in stolen “donations” within hours.

Marriot data breach

The hotel chain Marriott announced a security breach on March 31, 2020, that impacted data from more than 5.2 million hotel guests who used the loyalty application of their company.

Cybercriminals stole login credentials of two Marriott employee accounts which had access to customer details about the Marriott’s loyalty application. A month before the breach was detected, they used the information to leak the data.

According to reports, the attacker has obtained a wide range of sensitive data, including contact numbers, personal details such as gender and birthday, and linked account data such as airline loyalty programs.

Nintendo data breach

Nintendo revealed in April 2020 that it has been victim to a cyber attack by criminals who gained access to 160,000 accounts. The hackers used the stolen accounts to purchase valuable items.

Following this, Nintendo ended the Nintendo Network ID log in function and asked users to secure their data by using two-factor authentication mechanism.

If you have been a victim of one of these data breaches, or a different data breach, please get in touch today here.



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