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Welsh social landlords are being urged to provide flooring when letting accommodation

Welsh social landlords are being urged to provide flooring when letting accommodation

A recent survey conducted in Wales, has revealed that 48% of tenants are living without flooring or carpets in their homes.
It also highlighted that the non-slip flooring legally required in bathrooms and kitchens are not always installed before handing the property over to tenants.

A study carried out by Tpas Cymru and housing charity Tai Pawb , made ’10 recommendations for social landlords and the Welsh government, including using community funds to provide grants to tenants and reviewing the Welsh Housing Quality Standard to include appropriate flooring.’

Welsh social landlords, have been urged to ensure necessary flooring is supplied throughout the properties they rent, in order to reduce the following :

  • Lack of warmth
  • Breathing problems
  • Depression
  • Noise

Alicja Zalesinska, director at Tai Pawb, stated, that many tenants in social housing in Wales, are lacking such furnishings, that some would take for granted.

Alicja Zalesinska, highlighted further that it has been noted due to the lack of flooring within a property, this therefore has had a greater impact to those renting from a social landlord.
Especially those that are from a low income background and/or with health implications, that could be heightened by no flooring, such as asthma.

Housing disrepair claims do not only look into the structural visual damages, but also the mental affects that the issues can cause to ones mental health. Claims of this nature, ensure that all aspects are taken into consideration due to this reason.

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