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The Hospital Group – Cosmetic Data Breach – Transform

The Hospital Group – Cosmetic Data Breach – Transform

The Hospital Group, who has 11 clinics located across the UK has outlined a data breach to their systems.

Also known as clinics named ‘Transform’, the hospital group specialises in cosmetic style surgeries and consultations.

According to the emails some clients have received notifying them of the breach in question, the hospital groups database was accessed by an unauthorized third party.

The following information has been highlighted to some clients that this could be exposed due to the breach:

  • Full customer bio (full names and address)
  • Email address and contact number
  • GP history
  • Medical history
  • Consultation and Op history (including imagery)
  • Clients signatures etc

Although the email stated that financial information has not been compromised, it has be outlined to take extra precautions to avoid fraud from occurring by way of changing log in credentials etc.

According to the BBC.co.uk “On its darknet webpage, the hacker group known as REvil said the “intimate photos of customers” were “not a completely pleasant sight”. It claimed to have obtained more than 900 gigabytes of patient photographs.”

We have had many victims of this data breach, come forward to us; seeking our help to assist them with a data breach claim and to get answers of the breach in full. As correspondence has been very limited.

At present we are unsure how long The Hospital Group has been withholding their data for. One client we are acting for had a consultation with them back in 2015 with no surgery with the group, but still received an email. Another client stated that her contact details have all since changed as it was so long ago, so how would she ever have been notified of such breach?

If you or anyone you know has had consultations or treatments completed with Transform (The Hospital Group) please get in touch with us today, so we can investigate what personal details have been exposed of yours.

We understand the mental strains a data breach can cause, we also understand that cosmetic surgery can be undertaken to increase ones self-esteem. With such a sensitive data breach now being exposed, this type of claim will be taken very seriously and we will ensure that you are compensated for all forms of loss.




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