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Parents Alerted Over NurseryCam Breach

Parents Alerted Over NurseryCam Breach

The Guilford based company NurseyCam alerted approximately 40 nurseries and parents across the UK about the third party access to the camera system according to Yahoo.

NurseyCam is a system which records children and staff whilst at Nursery, allowing parents to virtually log in and view their children in real time.

Although NurseyCam apologised for the incident, they also outlined that they did not believe any youngsters or staff were watched without permission as a result of the breach. The system was shut down with immediate effect as a precautionary measure once the breach was uncovered. The service would remain in a suspended state until further notice and the ICO had been notified of the breach.

The access was obtained via the third party by obtaining log in credential access; which was available due to a loop hole in the NurseyCam system. This therefore allowed parents viewing accounts to become exposed to unfold their:

  • Usernames
  • Passwords
  • Full names
  • Email addresses
Which would allow a third party to utilise these credentials to log in to the app and view the footage in a live real time state.
What is unusual in this circumstance, is that the person who identified the loop also highlighted the issue and spread the awareness so that no harm could be conducted. Although this sounds suspicious director of NurseyCam stated that the actions undertaken have been responsible and have not caused harm.

At present there has not been any other follow ups in relation to this breach, however if you have been involved and would like to pursue a data breach claim with us, please get in touch.




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