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£12,700.00 Awarded To Social Landlord Tenant For Housing Disrepair Claim

£12,700.00 Awarded To Social Landlord Tenant For Housing Disrepair Claim

Angelus Law were instructed by a tenant of a Social Landlord after reporting disrepair to their Landlord since October 2012.

The disrepair consisted of damp and mould in the living room and kitchen, making the  area feel cold and the walls wet to touch.  The kitchen floors were also uneven and, despite being replaced three times, the problem still reoccurred. Clearly, as a result of these living conditions, this caused great inconvenience and distress to the tenant, particularly as he suffered with respiratory problems, which were exacerbated as a result of the living conditions, as well as cancer.

Despite continually reporting ongoing disrepair in the property to their Landlord, the tenant was ignored and no works were completed. The tenant was also concerned that any dust caused by the works, would aggravate his respiratory condition.

The tenant approached Angelus Law for help, who arranged for the property to be inspected by an independent surveyor and legal proceedings were commenced.

The matter was listed for Trial, which the Defendant tried to adjourn.  Angelus law successfully opposed the application and the Trial went ahead.  The tenant was successful at Trial and was awarded £12,732.02 in damages.  The Defendant has also been ordered to complete works to the property.



My Housing Association have ignored the problems in my property for years. When Angelus Law got involved they ended up getting all the problems fixed for free and I received thousands in compensation.

Alan Peters

When I moved into my house 4 years ago, it turns out my landlord didn’t protect my deposit until 2 months after I had moved in. Angelus Law recovered 3 times the amount of the deposit as compensation for me.

Julie Owens

I thought I had lost every chance of a happy retirement when my SIPP collapsed. My Financial Advisor had told me my money would be safe. Angelus recovered my full investment plus interest.

Marc Lyons