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Car insurance GDPR win of £1,000

Car insurance GDPR win of £1,000

Our client reached out to us earlier in the year surrounding a data breach against an insurance company.

Using a comparison website allows one to compare and review policies in a snap shot view.  Our client used a comparison site and selected a firm to proceed with, being happy with the proposal that was put forward. Inputting all necessary personal contact information in order to progress; our client was happy to pay for the insurance one month upfront.  Future correspondence from the insurance provider was nil, which led our client to wonder when the documentation would be received, such has policy confirmation etc.

Not so long after this, our client received a message on his social media from a person unbeknown to him. The message was very long and our client scanned over it and presumed this was some sort of scam or junk mail scam.  It was only when our clients partner had received the same message too, he decided to look into it further.

It was confirmed in this message, that another person who had the same name as our client had been sent all policy documentation, which included personal information of our client such as:

  • Full name
  • Home address
  • Vehicle registration
  • Partners name

This was also confirmed on the insurance web chat service which the, incorrect receiver of the information tried to rectify, which led to more breaches being unveiled.

Further troubles began to unearth, not only where the clients details breached, but the insurance policy was in the process of being cancelled due to direct debit issues, which meant that our client could potentially be driving a vehicle illegally without insurance.

Although our client managed to get through to the insurance company in question to resolve the issue, there was still underlying issues surrounding the breach of data and the uncertainty on whether this had been resolved, and nothing had been confirmed.

This caused lots of stress and worry for our client, with scenarios of his partner driving his children and not being insured or being pulled over by the police, due to the insurance error.

For a scenario that has been introduced to the web, to simplify the renewal process, has led to insecurity and apprehensions for future online endeavours for our client.

We were able to support our client and secured a compensation sum of £1,000.00



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