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£2,000.00 Awarded To Tenant Of Ashfield District Council

£2,000.00 Awarded To Tenant Of Ashfield District Council

A tenant of Ashfield District Council lived in the council property with her partner and two young children.

The 30 year old mother of two had been reporting disrepair issues to her council for around a 2 year period before deciding to seek legal help.

The problems within the rental property consisted of:

  • Mould throughout, mainly in the living room, kitchen, all bedrooms and bathroom.
  • Cold bridging and failed DPC (damp proof course).
  • Upstairs was considerably cold, which led to the family to sleep downstairs, therefore the heating had to be kept on at all time which became a costly outgoing.

Due to the excessive cold and mould within the property, this had an adverse affect on members of the family:

  • One child, who already suffered from asthma was having increased exposure to mould and damp which had an adverse affect on the young child’s breathing.
  • The second child suffers with autism, the disrepairs in the property caused the child distress.
  • Partner of our client, suffers with osteoarthritis which was affected by the cold; causing his joints to seize up.

After negotiations and surveys of the property in question, Angelus Law were able to settle this case for our client. Our client received £2,000.00 in compensation for the inconvenience caused and we outlined a plan with the landlord to ensure all works were brought up to the correct legal standards.

This outcome has come to such a relief for our client, who final feels as though her voice is being heard. She is looking forward to the repairs being complete so her and her family can begin to enjoy their home and most importantly to ensure her families health improves as a result.



My Housing Association have ignored the problems in my property for years. When Angelus Law got involved they ended up getting all the problems fixed for free and I received thousands in compensation.

Alan Peters

When I moved into my house 4 years ago, it turns out my landlord didn’t protect my deposit until 2 months after I had moved in. Angelus Law recovered 3 times the amount of the deposit as compensation for me.

Julie Owens

I thought I had lost every chance of a happy retirement when my SIPP collapsed. My Financial Advisor had told me my money would be safe. Angelus recovered my full investment plus interest.

Marc Lyons