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£1,800.00 Recovered For Tenant of One Source Housing Association

£1,800.00 Recovered For Tenant of One Source Housing Association

Our elderly clients had been reporting the disrepair issues to her landlord, One Source housing association, Newham for over 3.5 years until they instructed ourselves to proceed on their behalf.

Our clients rent a two story mainsonette, which had a persistent leak which began around 3.5 years ago. The leak then created more problems in the rental property. Leaks (if left untreated) can saturate walls, ceilings and floors; which subsequently retains moisture in these structures and will cause damp and mould to arise, in more serious circumstances even structural damage can and will occur.

After repeated reports to their landlord, whose only advice was to wash down the mould from the walls throughout the property; consequently our clients plaster suddenly fell off in the bathroom due to the walls being so wet and therefore weak.

Although our clients did not suffer with any health implications, we are aware that mould can cause respiratory problems and with both of our clients residing at the property both at an older vulnerable age bracket, we wanted to ensure the problems did not continue any further.

Not only did the property pose repair risks, the aesthetics caused by the disrepair caused our clients to feel ashamed and embarrassed of the living conditions. Their three children who also resided at the property, did not want to bring friends around nor did they was other family members to visit due to the conditions and the stigma the appearance would cause.

Since instructing ourselves to act on our clients behalf, we were able to secure a settlement sum of £1,800.00 for our clients, by way of compensation for the disrepair they had to ensure for such a long time. We also ensured the works necessary to bring the property up to the correct legal rental standards where completed, to guarantee such problems would not occur again.

Our clients are very happy with the outcome, they both now feel that with our help they have the confidence to act upon issues like this if they were to arise again; knowing that as council tenants they are protected and have rights to pursue the living conditions if they are not up to standard.



My Housing Association have ignored the problems in my property for years. When Angelus Law got involved they ended up getting all the problems fixed for free and I received thousands in compensation.

Alan Peters

When I moved into my house 4 years ago, it turns out my landlord didn’t protect my deposit until 2 months after I had moved in. Angelus Law recovered 3 times the amount of the deposit as compensation for me.

Julie Owens

I thought I had lost every chance of a happy retirement when my SIPP collapsed. My Financial Advisor had told me my money would be safe. Angelus recovered my full investment plus interest.

Marc Lyons