GDPR Breach

GDPR Breach - What Are Your Rights?

All individuals in the UK are protected in the case of data breaches. The newly dictated laws by the General Data Protection Regulation and the Data Protection Act in 2018 guarantee that you have enough control over your data.
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In a way, this ensures that you can exercise your rights against any organisation if a data breach occurs. Not only that, but the laws also aim to ensure that any company storing your data has effective measures to protect your data, otherwise they could be held accountable in terms of fines and compensation claims.

Has a company that holds your data had a GDPR Breach? If that’s the case, you ought to be fully aware of your rights and your response plan. Then, you can hire Angelus Law to help you get GDPR breach compensation. But first, let’s see what a GDPR breach is and look at some examples.

What Is a GDPR Breach?

A personal data breach GDPR occurs when a security incident causes your data that your company is responsible for to get leaked in some way. The three types of violations are availability, confidentiality, and integrity. These incidents mostly happen by the hands of hackers, searching through the internet for sensitive information they can use to their advantage.

Data breaches can have disastrous effects on both companies and individuals. To make sure you’re well protected in case it happens, you need to be fully aware of your rights and the obligations that any company storing your data have.

A company is required to notify the employees and the supervisory authority within 72 hours of being aware of any data security incident..

What Are Examples of GDPR Breaches?

Not all GDPR breaches have to be results of hacking or intentional theft. Some incidents are purely accidental, and they’re mostly results of human error. For example, if a fire broke out and ruined paper records that contain sensitive data, this may be considered a breach if those were the only copies.

If a worker accidentally formatted a hard drive that contains the employee’s data, that’s undoubtedly a data breach. Moreover, database updates done incorrectly could lead to false data in the records, which also exposes a company to GDPR claims. 

Companies aren’t the only ones who can be accused of data breaches; if an employee intentionally sells a customer’s data to a third party, the company has the right to take action against the individual.

What Should I Do If I Have Been a Victim of a GDPR Breach?

There are some steps you’ll want to take once you find out about a GDPR breach from your company. That way, you guarantee you won’t lose any of your rights, and you’ll minimise the chances of your stolen data being used for improper purposes.

How Can You Help Me?

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Make Sure Your Information Was Involved

In order to decide to throw a claim at your company for breaching your data, you must first confirm that your information has been involved. You can do that by calling the company or visiting its secure website. Alternatively, put it on our hands and we’ll do all the legwork for you.

Bear in mind that hackers may send out fake emails after the breach, claiming to be the company and trying to steal more of your data. So, ignore any suspicious email or text message you receive after you’re notified of the breach.

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Confirm the Type of Stolen Data

Some data is easy to recover, while some data can have disastrous results when stolen. The type of exposed information is an essential thing you should look after when you face a GDPR breach. 

For example, breached credit card data can easily be replaced, and the bank will cancel it for you. On the other hand, theft of National Insurance Numbers or sensitive medical information can cause significant headaches, so you ought to know specifically what data has been lost or stolen.

Listen to Your Company’s Offer of help

Most companies who are facing GDPR breaches will offer help for the affected individuals. In most cases it would be prudent to accept the assistance they are proposing if it is going to go some way to remedying the situation or protecting you moving forward. Just because you have accepted their help does not remove your opportunity to make a claim against them. In some instances, an organisation may offer you a settlement, but you are under no obligation to accept it and are likely to get better compensation by getting expert legal representation.

Change Your Passwords

Once you’re notified of the GDPR breach, you must change all your passwords and online log-in information. Additionally, take a look at your security Q&A and change them, so you limit the hackers’ reach into your data.

Contact the Right People

You can create a list of the people you’ll contact after your personal data breach GDPR. Firstly, you’ll want to call your bank and cancel your credit/debit cards, in case they’re among the stolen data. In this case, identifying the type of stolen data will come in handy.

After you change the passwords and contact the necessary organisations, it’ll be time to hire someone for GDPR breach compensation. Our team at Angelus Law is perfectly capable of helping you with GDPR claims. Our legal representatives are among the best in the industry, and they can help you get compensation for any data breach.

How Dangerous Can a GDPR Breach Be?

GDPR breaches aren’t only concerned with credit card data and other financial matters. These types of incident incidents often involve sensitive data, which can have terrible results if misused.

For example, if a patient’s private medical records are among any stolen data, this would be a significant breach and could have far reaching impact. There’s also potentially biometric and genetic data that could be used for identity theft. 

So, GDPR breaches could have disastrous fallouts, which is why you may want to consider getting professional help to bring you the GDPR breach compensation amounts the organisation owes you.

Can I Make a Claim for a GDPR Breach?

Yes, you can make a GDPR claim if you’re able to prove that your data has been lost and that it caused you financial loss or distress. All organisations fall under the 2018 Data Protection Act, which obliges them to take measures to protect your sensitive recorded data. That way, you’re able to get GDPR compensation in case you’re directly affected by a breach. 

The good news is you can make a claim even if you haven’t suffered financial loss. If you can prove that the data loss caused you distress, it’ll be enough to make a claim.

What can Angelus law do for you regarding data breach?

Angelus Law will guide you through a hassle-free process to get the GDPR breach compensation you’re entitled to. You won’t need to deal with a ton of paperwork, we’ll do all that for you. On top of that, we’ll help you settle your claims in no time.

GDPR breaches can be a nuisance to deal with, but if you are prepared and take the right steps after learning of a breach in order to protect your interests you should be able to afford major fallout. Whatever the impact on you directly, if you are a victim of a data breach then you should make a claim to get the compensation that you are entitled to.

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