Data Protection

Data Protection Claims In The UK

In modern business, data represents one of your most valuable assets and protecting a company’s data should be an ongoing process as the amount of data stored and utilised by any organisation keeps on growing. For individuals, personal data protection is just as serious, as a personal data breach can negatively affect multiple aspects of a person’s life.
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Efficient data protection is the process of safeguarding the most valuable information an organisation owns or has access to from compromise, corruption or any kind of loss. Angelus Law is a firm that can help you protect your data and will help you handle any data protection breach in the United Kingdom.

Data Protection Law

Data protection involves maintaining the privacy of valuable data and protecting it from loss and compromise. The main two components of data protection are data availability and management. 

There are seven rights afforded to you as an individual under the UK’s data protection law

  • The right to be informed of how your data is processed.
  • The right to stop processing your data.
  • The right to reuse the data for various purposes. 
  • The right to access personal data.
  • The right to have your data updated. 
  • The right to have your data erased. 
  • The right to object to how your data is handled. 

Any organisation that you deal with legally obliged to protect your personal data and provide you with adequate information on how this data is handled and how long it will be kept.

What is a Data Protection Breach?

A data protection breach happens when your data suffers a security incident that affects its availability, confidentiality or integrity. This usually occurs when unauthorised parties gain access to data or authorised parties misuse it or share it without permission. 

A data protection breach represents a risk to the company’s rights and any other individual who is related to the company. When this happens, the company has to notify a supervisory authority as soon as possible, to make sure that the right action is taken. 

If a data protection breach represents a high risk to specific individuals, they should also be informed. Otherwise, the company could lose its integrity as a data processor.

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How Do I Know if I have been a Victim of a Data Protection Breach?

As an individual, you need to make sure that your personal and private data is safely handled by those who have access to your private information. At Angelus Law, you’ll find a team of qualified experts who will help you assess if your personal data has been compromised. We’ll also suggest the best way to help protect your data from being accessed by the wrong people or entities. 

On a corporate level, hacking and forging information can cost millions of pounds, but on a personal level, things can get even more severe. You might be accused of a crime you haven’t done, or you might find yourself obligated to pay a loan that you never applied for. This is why identifying incidents of data protection breach are crucial. Here are a few signs that your data has been breached or leaked. 

  • You’re receiving emails or messages from entities that you’re not related to. 
  • You keep on receiving messages and calls from unknown numbers. 
  • Your bank statement shows transactions that you didn’t authorise.
  • Any payment application you’re using is showing unusual activity.
  • Some of your subscriptions have been suspended.
  • Your benefits have been altered without your request. 
  • You’re receiving bills for services you didn’t subscribe for.

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How Dangerous can a Data Protection Breach Be?

Data thieves don’t hold onto the information they steal. There’s a lot that they can do with your personal data. 

  • Depending on the personal data that has been breached, someone can use your personal information to get a new credit card or loan. 
  • Someone can withdraw the money you’re saving in your bank accounts. 
  • You might have property bought under your name without your knowledge. Anything related to this property will be your legal responsibility. If someone commits a murder in a place or vehicle that has been registered under your name, you’ll get into legal issues. 
  • Someone will be able to file a tax return in your name and take a tax refund. 
  • A person might gain access to medical assistance under your name, taking advantage of your medical insurance. 
  • Someone might open utility or telecom accounts under your name. After using these services, you’ll be charged for them. 
  • Any benefits related to your credit cards might be stolen. This includes rewards points, free purchases, and air miles. 
  • Someone might apply for government benefits under your name. 
  • Your personal information might be sold to criminals on the dark web. This includes your passport number, driver’s license number, National Insurance number, or credit card number. There’s no limit to what criminals can do with this personal and highly valuable information.

How Can I Protect My Data?

It’s always smart to keep your personal data safe and secured, and only share it when it’s absolutely needed. You should also be careful about who you share your personal information with, making sure that you’re not sharing this data with the wrong people. 

You’re probably sharing your private data with your bank, telecom company, utility provider, doctor, dentist, employer, and even favourite restaurant. All these parties have a legal responsibility to protect your data from possible breaches. Here is what you can do on your side to guarantee that your personal information is safe.

  • Only share your private data with the company’s employees. Third parties should never have access to your information. 
  • Use secure websites to share, record, or process any data. 
  • Don’t share your National Insurance Number unless it’s absolutely required. 
  • Create strong passwords using upper- and lower-case letters, numbers, and symbols. Use a trustworthy password manager to protect these passwords. 
  • Don’t use the same password for different purposes; even if it’s a strong one. This will help minimise the loss of your data. 
  • Shred any documents that contain your personal information. 
  • Make sure that you have the latest versions of security software and antivirus programs if you’re accessing your bank account on the phone or computer.

What Should I Do if I Have Been a Victim of a Data Protection Breach?

Acting fast will help you minimise loss if you have been a victim of a data protection breach. Here is what you can do.

  • Contact the company or organisation that you think leaked or shared your data. The company is legally responsible, and you can file for a data protection breach compensation. 
  • Inform your bank and any financial institution you deal with of the breach and replace all your credit cards. 
  • Monitor your accounts closely for any suspicious activity. 
  • Update all your passwords and make sure that they’re kept safe.
  • Contact a specialist. At Angelus Law, you’ll find a team of experts who will be able to help you take the right action and get you compensated for the data breach.

What is the Average Data Protection Breach Compensation Amount?

Failing to protect your data qualifies you for a data protection breach compensation amount according to the Data Protection Act. According to this act, any material or non-material damage qualifies you for this compensation. This includes loss of money as well as emotional distress. 

The data protection claim will be handled in court unless there’s been an agreement between you and the company that violated your rights. You need to notify the opposing party that you intend to go to court, and any previous communications should be presented. 

The amount of data protection compensation is determined by the judge depending on how serious the breach was, the degree of material and non-material damage, and any legal consequences you had to endure.

Making a Protection Data Breach Claim

Protecting your personal data is crucial. You need to make sure that unauthorised parties won’t have access to any of your valuable data by safeguarding it and only sharing it when absolutely necessary. 

If you feel that your data has been compromised, act fast and restrict access to your data. You can also file a compensation claim for a data protection breach. 

Contact one of our expert solicitors at Angelus Law and we will assess your current situation. We’ll help you through the process until you achieve the best possible outcome.

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