Data Loss

Data Loss and Data Loss Compensation Claims In The UK

Most of us are increasingly selective when it comes to the organisations we choose to trust. So, when the company you entirely rely on accidentally loses or deletes your information, whether unintentional or not, it's more than a simple “inconvenience.”
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Unfortunately, even with the quick rise of technology, we can never always guarantee the protection and security of our data. As such, it’s essential to be informed of everything you need to know about data loss, and subsequently, data loss compensation, in case it ever happens to you or someone connected with you.

What Is Data Loss?

Data loss is a term used to describe the intentional or unintentional corruption or destruction of essential documents. 

This might be caused by either human error or software failure, including malware, viruses, and formatting errors. It may also occur due to theft, mechanical failure, or even physical damage. 

In a way, data loss is quite similar to data breaches. In both cases, information and security are compromised. The most significant difference between the two is that data breaches typically happen without the deletion of said data. Furthermore, it may remain unharmed in the hands of the person who has wrongfully or unintentionally acquired it. 

Data loss, however, can be both. Information could be accessed via internal breach to damage the file itself, or destroy said information by mistake while trying to acquire the data in question. Due to this, data loss is often synonymous to data leakage.

How Do I Know if I Have Been a Victim of a Data Loss?

There are many ways in which data is lost, damaged, or destroyed. 

Some companies, primarily phone companies, would accidentally lose data due to the migration from system to system. As the transfer of documents is done on a large scale (hundreds if not thousands of information at a time), the accidental deletion or corruption of data is inevitable. 

Luckily, if your information is stored online or in an extensive database, some, if not all of the lost data can be recovered via IT assistance. However, this often costs time, human resources, and other valuable resources, depending on the severity of the case. 

You may be a victim of data loss if your information is: 

  • Corrupted or destroyed in any way 
  • Stolen over the network by a third party (by a hacker or an ex-employee) and deleted, deliberately or accidentally
  • Damaged due to hardware failures and/or computer viruses 
  • Physically lost due to human error (i.e. unintentional deletion of files, fire accidents, water damages) 
  • Physically lost due to natural disasters 

Other reasons include information theft, power failures, and security shortages.

How Can You Help Me?

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What Should I Do if I Have Been a Victim of a Data Loss?

Reports by the UK Information Commissioner’s Office show that a staggering 90% of data loss caused by companies is due to human error. Thankfully, most of the deleted files, caused by such error, were recovered one way or the other. Regardless, this just goes to show how unreliable human intervention really is. 

If a company or organisation lost your information, we recommend the following:

  • File a complaint against the company that has lost your data, especially if said situation has caused you financial loss or distress
  • Request for compensation from the company due to data protection negligence
  • Speak to the small claims court if you weren’t able to get the compensation you’re due 

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How Dangerous Can a Data Loss Be?

Many people aren’t fully aware of the real risks of data loss. For companies, the biggest dangers of a data breach and data loss are financial issues, reputational damage, and legal action taken against them.

Those who are personally affected, however, may experience a setback in productivity timelines, relationship strains, and, in severe cases, mental and physical dismay.

If a patient has their files erased from the system, for instance, it could compromise their medical treatment process. This, ultimately, may even cost them their lives. This is why the dangers of data loss should be taken extremely seriously.

Can I Make a Claim for a Data Loss?

Absolutely. You’ll be able to claim for the loss of privacy, financial loss, or any emotional distress the situation has caused you. The GDPR gives you the right to claim compensation from an organisation if they didn’t follow strict government regulations to protect your files.


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