Data Leak

Data Leak Claims In The UK

A data leak can be a serious crime and can lead to severe loss, damage or injury both emotionally and financially, especially if your personal identifiable information or banking details have been leaked.
If you have been a victim of a data leak then you may be eligible to make a data leak claim and claim compensation for any damage or injury the leak has caused.
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What Is a Data Leak?

A data leak is any transmission of information that is unauthorised. This can be from one organisation to another, or even to partner or subsidiary organisation if you haven’t given your consent for those companies to share the data among themselves. 

Because your information is your personal property, all of your information is protected by the Data Protection Act 2018. Your consent is required by any company wanting to store, use, or share your information. 

Occasionally, businesses and organisations who are responsible for holding or using your data experience a “data leak”. This could be caused by a cyber-attack, a misuse of data, a criminal offence by one of the employees, or negligence on the organisation’s part to protect your information properly. It is their responsibility to ensure data is protected and handled correctly. When information is “leaked”, it can be used in a number of fraudulent activities resulting in both emotional and financial injury and damage.

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Claiming Compensation

If you have been a victim of this kind of data breach, then you may be able to claim for data leak compensation. 

Compensation has to be paid by the company or organisation responsible for leaking your data to cover the cost or value of any loss or damages you may have suffered. Because the results of a data leak are far reaching, the amount you may be eligible for is not fixed. Generally, claims fall between £500 and £25,000, but there have been cases where the victim has suffered severe loss due to the data leak and has had six-figure compensation. What you claim for should reflect what you have suffered, including stress and psychological injury. 

When you claim for compensation, we can help you build your unique case. Damage and injury might include:

  • Money lost through bank fraud
  • Psychological damage such as extreme stress and anxiety
  • Loss of work while you try to fix the problem
  • Having to move homes or location because of identity theft

To make a valid claim, you will need to be able to prove that your data has been leaked, and that you have experienced damage. Showing financial damage is often easier than showing distress or psychological damage, but if you can argue that there was more than minimal distress then you should be able to build a case.

How Can We Help?

At Angelus Law we have a team of dedicated and specialised lawyers who have the knowledge and experience to best represent you and get you a favourable outcome on a data leak compensation claim. We will work with you from an initial assessment right through the process of your claim, supporting you throughout the process and advising you on the best approach to your case. We will help you collect any data or evidence that you may need and assist you in establishing your case.

We know that a breach of personal data can be traumatic for anyone. That’s why we make sure you feel supported throughout your claim and even give you ways to help protect your data in the future.

We are so confident in our team and in your satisfaction that we even offer a free initial consultation to help you decide if you have a legitimate claim; and after that, we work on a No-win, No-fee basis.

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