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Did You Know – Over 172k Cyber Attacks In The UK So Far This Year

Did You Know – Over 172k Cyber Attacks In The UK So Far This Year

According to a Beaming Study, the UK was subject to approximately 2,000 cyber attacks per day in the first quarter of 2021.

In a study of commercial Internet traffic, it discovered 172,079 cyber attacks against businesses in the first three months of the year, with attacks being registered every 45 seconds on average.

This is the highest level of malicious activity seen in the first quarter of a year since Beaming began recording data.

Attackers were most likely to target Internet of Things devices, including networked CCTV cameras, building control systems and smart systems.

File-sharing applications such as Dropbox and Google Cloud were also frequently targeted.

There has been recent discussions, surrounding working from home and data security. Addressing the lack of control and increased security measures, organisations may now need due to the recent significant use of WFH.

Cyber criminals target those with weak securities, however sophisticated hacks such as targeting organisations employee’s in another way to gain access to systems without the owners consent. This is commonly known as social engineering. Which is a collective term for ways in which fraudsters manipulate people into performing certain actions; such as phishing scams. Phishing scams are messages that are created which act as if they are from a legitimate sender, they will include links, sometimes bogus websites and or downloadable aspects – all of which in turn disguise the recipient of the hacking taking place.

The question now is, with working from home easing and normality on the horizon, will this now reduce the number of cyber attacks continuing to rise? Or will the repercussions of WPH begin to unravel once workers return to the office? Only time will tell!



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