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Wentworth Golf Club, Surrey – Hacked

Wentworth Golf Club, Surrey – Hacked

Wentworth golf club, Surrey; home of the European tour has suffered a data breach.

Membership data has been exposed in this data breach. Wentworth exceeds a client base of over 4,000 members; all of which are subject to this data breach in question.

There is elite ties at the golf club, with known celebrities and wealthy clients utilising the course membership.

Clients have expressed their concerns for data theft and burglary opportunities, now that the breach has surfaced. Although, the breach has been noted as ‘low risk’, the details exposed are those that can easily identity members and lead to further privacy exposure.

It was stated that “The export file in question contains personal details including: name, gender, home address, email address, landline number, and date of birth.”

If this breach has affected you or someone you know, please put them in touch with ourselves to assist with a data breach claim. Not only are data losses taken into consideration; the strains this has caused is also a main factor of a data breach claim.



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