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South Manchester tenant Mother of four, wins court battle for housing disrepair issues

South Manchester tenant Mother of four, wins court battle for housing disrepair issues

Miss D came to Angelus Law complaining of numerous issues of disrepair in the South Manchester house she lived in with her four children including damp, degraded plasterwork and skirting boards, defective light switches and degraded roofing, brickwork and guttering.

Miss D had been reporting these issues to her landlord since 2013 and the landlord had failed to rectify them despite repeated reporting by Miss D and several inspections being carried out. Miss D was particularly concerned about any potential heath implications this could affect her children with, who suffer with asthma.

Following early notification of the potential claim to the landlord, Angelus Law’s expert surveyor inspected the property and found an array of issues including:

• Damp and rotten skirting boards in the entrance area;

• Significant damp in the living room caused by poor damp proofing;

• Loose roof tiles, defective pointing and flashing on the chimney stack and degraded pointing to the brickwork, all of which could lead to internal damp problems;

• Degraded plasterwork throughout the property.

Although the landlord admitted some liability for the repair works needed to solve these problems, they would not agree to carry out the full extent of the repairs and so Angelus Law issued Court proceedings on Miss D’s behalf.

Following further negotiations, Angelus Law were able to agree terms of settlement to ensure that the landlord carried out all of the recommended works within a 2 month timeframe, paid Miss D £2,000.00 in compensation for her stress and loss of enjoyment of the property and paid her legal costs.

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My Housing Association have ignored the problems in my property for years. When Angelus Law got involved they ended up getting all the problems fixed for free and I received thousands in compensation.

Alan Peters

When I moved into my house 4 years ago, it turns out my landlord didn’t protect my deposit until 2 months after I had moved in. Angelus Law recovered 3 times the amount of the deposit as compensation for me.

Julie Owens

I thought I had lost every chance of a happy retirement when my SIPP collapsed. My Financial Advisor had told me my money would be safe. Angelus recovered my full investment plus interest.

Marc Lyons