Immigration Fees

Our fees for immigration applications

Our fees include VAT (where applicable) and exclude all other costs such as UK Visa and Immigration fees, Tribunal and Court fees, barrister fees and the Immigration Health Surcharge.

It must be noted that some applications are more complex than others and for this reason the prices quoted are indicative.

For example, if you are seeking to sponsor your partner to come to the UK under Appendix FM of the Immigration Rules, our fees may be higher than those quoted if you are self-employed, as such applications are more complex than if you are sponsoring someone to come to the UK and you are an employee.  Another example may be if you are requesting that the Home Office exercise discretion when they are considering your case.

Prospective clients are advised to treat all amounts quoted below as indicative of the likely fees rather than the guaranteed final price.  However, in most cases the fees quoted will apply.

In any event, fees will be agreed with you prior to your formal instruction.

Please note: All fees listed on this page are in Great British Pounds Sterling (£)

Application Type


EEA settled and pre-settled applications; EEA nationals 

From £500

EEA national family members

From £500

Other EEA applications

From £500

Spouse or partner applications

From £800 to £2,000

Extension of leave to remain

From £900

Indefinite leave to remain

From £900

Naturalisation as a British citizen

From £800 to £1,200

Human rights applications on the basis of private and family life in the UK/over stayer applications

From £1,500

Tier 1 (entrepreneurs and investors)

From £4,000

Tier 2 (general)

From £700

Objection to civil penalty for employers for employing legal workers

From £800

Start-up fees

From £1,000

Visit visa

From £500

Other Fees

Appeals to the First Tier Tribunal against immigration decisions – From £2000

The fee can be paid in two installments as follows:

Taking detailed instructions from you on the refusal and advising on your best option – whether to appeal or apply again.

If instructed to appeal, we will:

Lodging Grounds of Appeal/making representations.  This includes analysis of the initial application, checking the supporting documents, examining the refusal letter, drafting Grounds of Appeal and lodging Appeal, giving reasons why the decision should not have been refused and asking for the decision to be reviewed by entry clearance officer. – £500

If there is no review or a review is negative then to pursue the appeal to Hearing at the First Tier Tribunal, our fees would be an additional. – £700

Tribunal Hearing

Preparation of case:

We will use legal arguments, case law and Immigration Rules and policies to present your case. We take further instructions from you, prepare your case for the Court, take Witness Statements and prepare Court Bundles. We will advise you on going to Court and giving evidence.

We will instruct an experienced immigration barrister to represent you at your Hearing at the Tribunal – £1,500 if the appeal proceeds at the First Tier Tribunal.